Gilbert Augustin Masfety
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Gilbert Augustin Masfety (GAM).
J’ai passé mon enfance dans les gares et le train est ma source d’inspiration. Je reconstruis un monde imaginaire à partir de pièces usagées  
de matériel ferroviaire ou apparentées. Mon atelier est à Nangis dans la zone industrielle. Mes références sont à la fois Davis Smith et les Arts
dits premiers en particulier africains mais aussi amérindiens que mon  séjour au Canada m’a fait apprécier. Ingénieur de formation  je réalise
mon rêve depuis 12 ans.
I spnt my childhood in train stations and the train is my source of inspiration. I reconstruct an imaginary world from used pieces of railway material
and others. My workshop is in Nangis in the industrial zone.y references are David Smith and the early arts especially African and also Native
Americans that my stay in Canada made me apreciate.Engineer training I realize my dream for 12 years.
 -Creative process ::
At first I started by carving the SNCF (French national railway) wood : I recovered abandoned SNCF woods that had a century and I made totems.
While searching for these woods I discovered the beautiful pieces of metal  that were attached : rail stools, rail screws, rail toads that I incorporated into my creations.
I continued my approach by daily visits to the scrap yards around my workshop; I made friends and I can visit their sites where I find wonders. I let myself be
seduced by sometimes very bulky forms that I bring back in my workshop. I keep precious traces of shocks, rust, corrosion and original colors : these objects
have lived. This multitude of pieces is classified by them e: tools, springs, wheels, chains, cranks, rail saddles, concrete bars, elongated shapes, forks …
On an idea : current events, exhibition, traveling, met …I will draw on my stock to realize my project. For a time that can last several months I will daily change
the parts composing the sculptur : the hair, arms, the head, pedestal ….Then one day the unexpected srises. I feel how to assemble them to cause a visual shock.
I like my sculptures to be through, they do not block the view, illuminated they project forms.